Personalised Custom Fit Spectacles and Glasses Using AI

Custom fit in the Truest Sense

iAyez is pleased to introduce a technology marvel in spectacle frames - The iAyez laser printed frames made from nylon powder.

Now own design eyeglasses.We create personalized glasses using state of art laser technologies, ensuring optimal fit and matchless comfort for every individual. Irrespective of whether you have a narrow or broad nose, prominent features or little face, iAyez glasses are guaranteed to fit the facial features that make you special.

Our customised range of sunglasses range includes custom fit sport sunglasses and custom made eye nylon glasses. These custom made glasses are equivalent to any AI technology customised glasses and 3D printed custom made glasses.

These frames offer numerous benefits over conventional metal and plastic frames presently in the market. Customers can now get a perfect fit, resulting in max comfort. No more concerns of using frames, which may be small/loose/tight at the bridge etc. Save time from the convenience of your home, no more visits required to the opticians.Beneficial to everyone especially for sports persons. Durable, highest quality and strong frames.

At iAyez customer trust is key. Place your orders now, we guarantee you our best services at all times.

  • Custom Sunglass

  • $99.00

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