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IWe want your eyes to be safe. Learn how to take optimum care of your eyes and contacts when wearing dailies, 2 weekly or monthlies.

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You should be aware when to see a contact lens eye doctor. They may help you choose the best contacts for your eyes and even confirm prescription. If you have discomfort or red eyes you may need to consult an eye doctor right away.

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Our company is owned by Eye Doctors

  • Eye Safety

    Safety of your eyes is paramount. Our Doctors are Board Certified. Our focus is to keep your eyes healthy, prevent infections and side effects from contacts.

  • Cheapest Cost

    We negotiate with manufacturers directly to deliver the best prices on the most advanced contact lenses. We do not sell disconinued contacts.

  • Reward Points

    For every Dollar you spend at our online contacts lens store, you earn 1o points, whcih can be used towards SMILE eye procedure or even eyecare products.

  • Online & Office Exams

    We offer Online refractions as well as state of the art advanced exams including documenting the health of yor eyes.