Benefits of Membership

Free Sunglasses, Contact Lenses, Eye care products & more. When you join the iayez club you are entering a special love to pamper your eyes & take care of your vision.

How to Earn Coins

Earn iAyez Coins with Every Purchase!

For every $1 you spend on purchases, you earn a fantastic 10 iAyez coins. The more you spend, the more coins you collect!

Social Media Bonanza!

Earn 10 iAyez coins for every post by sharing or following us on social media.

Refer & Multiply Your iAyez Coins!

Earn iAyez coins with every dollar spent and watch your rewards multiply as you refer friends.

Here's how it works:

Mr. A earns 10 coins for every dollar spent and an additional 5 coins for every dollar spent by friend B, whom he referred.

Friend B, on the other hand, not only receives 10 points for every dollar spent but also earns coins when his referred friend, C, makes a purchase.

Friend C enjoys 10 coins for every dollar spent, while B receives 5 coins, and A gets 3 coins.

The chain continues with friend D, where D earns 10 coins for every dollar spent, C gets 5 coins, B receives 3 coins, and A is rewarded with 1 coin.

This cascading reward system ensures that everyone in the referral chain benefits. Join the iAyez club membership to maximize your earnings and unlock fantastic rewards!

Redeem Coins or What Can You Buy

  • Oakley oo9264
    4250 Points
  • Oakley oo9189
    4100 Points
  • Oakley oo9263
    4000 Points
  • Oakley oo9384
    3950 Points
  • Oakley oo9416
    3750 Points
  • Yellow Sunglass
    2500 Points
  • Blue Sunglass
    2500 Points
  • Black Sunglass
    2500 Points
  • Light Blue Sunglass
    2500 Points
  • Light Yellow Sunglass
    2500 Points
  • Red Green Sunglass
    2500 Points
  • Dark Blue Sunglass
    2500 Points
  • Rose Sunglass
    2500 Points
  • HydroEye Dry Eye Formula
    600 Points
  • Optase Moist Heat Mask
    550 Points
  • Optase Dry Eye Intense Drops 10ml
    500 Points
  • Optase Protect Eyelid Cleansing Spray
    500 Points
  • Optase Hylo Relief 10ml
    450 Points
  • Retaine Flax Omega 3, 6 Supplement
    450 Points
  • Retaine OM3 Supplement
    400 Points

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