We endorse the trend towards online buying and selling of eyewear including contact lenses and glasses. We have been at the forefront to incorporate online refractions, lensometry, pupil measurements, inter pupillary distance (PD) and even fashionistas helping select frames.

All these advancements have helped doctors provide better care. The doctor cannot be replaced or eliminated by online software however, in fact the doctor becomes even more important as the redundant tasks are automated or performed by artificial intelligence. The true function of doctor is to use his experience scale and the generated data by artificial intelligence to select what will be best for the unique eyes of the specific patient.

There are two kinds of eye doctors good and great jokes apart there is an optometrist who is an expert in examination of the eyes and generating prescription for glasses and contact lenses. At iAyez optometrists, have been specifically trained to work with online software to do the same remotely.

Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who have specialized in care of eye diseases. They are also trained during residency to do surgical operation to fix the maladies in the eyes.

At iAyez we are proud to incorporate both these type of doctors to provide the best care for you wherever you may be in the US or the world, through remote technology.

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