• Pink Eye Nighttime Gel™

  • $9.78
Why Choose Pink Eye Nighttime Gel™? Maximum Comfort: its advanced formula provides instant relief to irritated eyes, Slip into a night of tranquility as the gel cradles your eyes in a cocoon of comfort. Overnight Hydration: Dry eyes? No problem! Pink Eye Nighttime Gel™ keeps your eyes well-hydrated throughout the night. Easy Application: The gel's smooth consistency makes it a breeze to apply before bedtime. Just a small dab on each eye and you can relax the whole night. Non-Greasy, Non-Blurry: Worried about waking up with blurry vision? This gel is specially formulated to ensure a clear vision as you greet the dawn. Doctor-Approved: Pink Eye Nighttime Gel™ is endorsed by leading eye care specialists, so you can trust it to meet your nighttime eye care needs. Embrace the Night with Pink Eye Nighttime Gel™: Because a good night's sleep is the ultimate luxury!

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