Experience Premium Comfort with Ocusoft Dry Eye Mask
  • OCuSoft Dry Eye Mask Premium

  • $21.95

The OCuSOFT Dry Eye Mask Premium is a reusable, moist-heat compress that provides soothing relief for dry, scratchy, irritated eyes. It utilizes Thermapod Hot/Cold Diffusing Technology and a patent-pending cross-hatch design to deliver even heat distribution. Features and Benefits: Moist-heat therapy: Moist-heat therapy is a clinically proven treatment for dry eye. It helps to loosen and melt meibum, a type of oil that helps to keep tears from evaporating. Even heat distribution: The OCuSOFT Dry Eye Mask Premiums cross-hatch design ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout the mask, for a more comfortable and effective treatment. Removable heat pocket: The mask has a soft, removable heat pocket that is washable, making it easy to keep clean. Adjustable strap: The adjustable strap ensures a secure fit for all users.

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