Systane Hydration: Preservative-Free Lubricating Eye Drops for Soothing Dry Eyes
  • Systane® Hydration Preservative-Free Lubricant Eye Drops

  • $16.28

SYSTANE® HYDRATION PRESERVATIVE-FREE LUBRICANT EYE DROPS Product Summary Experience Long-Lasting Relief for Irritated, Tired, and Dry Eyes with this Preservative-Free Formula! Are dry eyes causing discomfort? These specially formulated eye drops offer extended relief for those irritating symptoms, making them perfect for post- surgical patients too. • Long-Lasting Relief: Bid farewell to irritated, tired, and dry eyes. This advanced formula provides sustained comfort, ensuring your eyes feel rejuvenated for longer periods. • Post-Surgery Comfort: These drops are specially designed to reduce dry eye symptoms in post-surgical patients, providing the relief they need during recovery. • Preservative-Free Formula: We're committed to purity and safety. Our eye drops are preservative-free, and they come in an easy-to-use multi-dose bottle with PureFlow® Technology for added convenience. • Contact Lens Friendly: Worried about compatibility? These drops are suitable for use with soft contact lenses, ensuring you can enjoy comfort without any hassle. • For Moderate Sufferers: Ideal for individuals experiencing moderate dry eye symptoms, our formula provides the relief you need. Product Information: • Perfect for Aqueous (Water) Deficient Dry Eye, our dual-action hydration formula works wonders: • Dual-Action Hydration: Moisturizes the ocular surface effectively, reducing discomfort caused by dry eyes. • 2X Greater Moisture Retention: Compared to a formulation with hyaluronic acid alone, our formula offers superior moisture retention, keeping your eyes comfortable for longer periods. • Supports Corneal Healing: Our eye drops also support the corneal healing process, making them an excellent choice for post-surgery recovery. • Available Sizes: Choose from a 10mL bottle for daily use or a 30-pack unit dose vial for on-the-go relief. Product Usage: • Using these eye drops is simple: • Use as Needed: Apply as needed throughout the day for continuous relief. • Easy Application: Place 1 or 2 drops in the affected eye(s) as needed, then blink for instant comfort. • Contact Lens Friendly: You can use our eye drops with soft contact lenses for added convenience.

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